At European Elegance Woodwork, Inc., we aspire to create the most beautiful and functional cabinet designs for our clients. We believe in the symbiotic relationship between form and function, art and design. As such, we take a holistic approach to inventing inspired spaces that are meant to be used as well as admired.

European Elegance & Woodwork, Inc. was founded by Balazs Nagy in 2005 with 15 years of previous experience. Balazs and his team of designers have extensive expertise in modern European interior cabinet design and remodeling. Our lead European woodworkers, who are trained by Balazs and come from Northern Europe, have a sophisticated perspective of traditional and modern interiors. Each year they are trained at seminars where they are immersed in updated European styles and design concepts, finishes and techniques. Combining the latest of technologies with the newest of designs and sophistication, results into which is the most modern and luxurious final product.

We help our clients capture the warmth and beauty of European Craftsmanship, along with the benefits of the most advanced technologies available.

We take pride in the personal connection we establish with each of our clients to enable them to successfully achieve their desired functional, architectural and aesthetic wishes. Our role is part consultant, manager, engineer and artist. In order to create an exceptional space for our clients, we supplement our design experience with our knowledge of cabinet ergonomics, color, surface technology, appliance functionality and storage philosophies.

European Elegance and Woodwork, Inc. wants you to be just as impressed with our creations as we are. We will work together until our mutual goals are achieved.

You name it! We custom make it!

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